Fundraising in the Bible Webinar

Bible and wallet

Have you ever wondered how fundraising fits in with your Christian faith?

Do you think fundraising is a necessary evil? An unsavory task that you have to do but is about as enjoyable as walking on broken glass?

I disagree!

I’ve been fundraising for Christian causes for over a decade. I know how hard it can be. All too often, people think you’re begging. Or that you’re sub-standard, engaging in activity that is less than God’s “best” for your life. Right?


Let me show you how fundraising can be ministry.

And I’ll show you right from the Bible.

Did you even know there was fundraising in the Bible? If you’re like me, you went to Sunday School and attended church without once realizing some of our favorite Biblical heroes were fundraisers. People like Moses and Hezekiah and Nehemiah. And Paul’s epistles are amazing examples of direct mail fundraising!

It’s all in there!

In this hour long webinar, I’ll introduce you to these stories, share how they impact our work! I even answer questions for participants of the original call!

In this seminar, you’ll learn:

  • How to keep God in the center of fundraising.
  • How these heroes raised money for God’s Kingdom:
    • Moses
    • David
    • Hezekiah
    • Nehemiah
    • Jesus
    • Paul

    [You’ll be surprised! Each one asked very differently!]

  • Why it’s ok to publicly thank donors even though Jesus told us to not let our left hand know what our right hand has given.
  • How Paul used his epistles as direct mail fundraising appeals. And if you should too.

Whether you consider yourself a member of the clergy or a lay person, you’ll get lots of information from this practical, action-oriented seminar!

The recording is currently disabled. But if you’d like to get it when it’s fixed, please email Marc at

“Marc helped us gain confidence…As a pastor I always hated asking people for money or fundraising, but as we were making a shift to becoming missionaries we were faced with needing to ask people for all of our support which was very intimidating to me personally. Marc was great at helping us to see the small steps we could take and how to use creativity to develop lasting partnerships with people whom we could journey together with in seeing God’s Kingdom advance through their investment.”

Jerry Shannon, Missionary
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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