The Key to Getting Donors to Give Again & Again & Again

The Key to Getting Donors to Give Again and Again.
And Again.

Do you wonder how to have meaningful conversations with donors? 

Do you struggle even getting a foot in the door? Or knowing what to say once you do have a foot in the door?

In this four week master class, you’ll learn exactly what to say!

“We LOVED your Exactly What to Say session!! In fact, the Monday after we got back, I called a major donor and asked for a $15,000 matching gift by saying ‘I don’t know if this is for you, but…’ and the donor said ‘Okay.’ Just like that. I was so shocked.”
Madison Vulkanblomst

We’ll meet at 3 pm Eastern on the four Tuesdays in April. Over the course of these four 1-hour long classes, you’ll learn

  • the four cornerstones of conversational excellence
  • specific phrases for rejection-free openings
  • the importance of an assumptive frame
  • exact wording to answer objections without sounding like you’re picking a fight
  • and how to stay in the game even when it seems the donor is moving on

And you’ll create systems specific to your nonprofit!

You’ll get

  • The four classes for yourself and for another person from your organization
  • Access to the recordings
  • A print Exactly What To Say workbook
  • And connections with peers learning these time-tested strategies!
Exactly What To Say book on a nonprofit fundraiser's desk

All for just $697!

Buy one registration but get to bring two people!

Exactly What to Say Certified Guide
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