Ask Without Fear for Librarians!

Ask Without Fear for LibrariansAsk Without Fear!® for Librarians- Helping librarians connect donors with what matters to them most
Libraries are more important to our communities than ever before. But people don't always understand that. This completely revised version of Ask Without Fear! is written exclusively for librarians and library board members. It gives you a strategy for raising major gifts in a framework that will work with fundraising letters, grants, and corporate sponsorships.

Because it's written for, and reviewed by librarians, you'll get the exact phrases to use in fundraising for your library. You'll even get ways to overcome objections before they come up! This book will help jumpstart your library's fundraising!

"Using Marc's framework, we were able to exceed our fundraising goal in the worst recession since the Great Depression."
- Sarah Sugden, Library Director
Waterville Public Library

"'Ask Without Fear for Librarians' is an excellent confidence builder. I'm eager to see libraries around the country put its strategy into practice."
- Sonia Plummer Morgan, Immediate Past President
Association for Rural & Small Libraries

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