My Charity Boxes Ultimate Fundraising Training

Blow the doors of your fundraising this year!

My Charity Boxes Ultimate Fundraising Training!You’ve seen the 1-hour version of the My Charity Boxes Ask Without Fear! Master Class – can you imagine how much more you’ll get from the 3-hour live training?!

Special, only for friends of My Charity Boxes, we’re offering a 2-part live “Ask Without Fear!” training. Here’s what you’ll get:

PART 1: Thursday, January 15 at 2 p.m.

In this first 90-minute training, we’ll cover the “research” and “engage” steps in the Ask Without Fear!® system.


  • how to research both your fundraising goal and your prospects
  • components of an effective case statement
  • free tools for finding out about people
  • how to build your donor list

“Thanks so much for all you are sharing with me! I am actually enjoying learning about fundraising! I didn’t think that was possible.”

Cami Foerster, Chairperson of the Board of Directors
The Boston Project Ministries


  • why fundraising is like dating
  • practical tools of engagement
  • ways to get out from behind your desk
  • specific questions to ask donors to learn about them
  • actual conversations and tips of using the phone and email
  • ideas for fundraising on Facebook, Twitter, Ning–social media/Web 2.0–and how these can protect
  • you from seeing people as merely wallets
  • how to quantify your engagement work for your boss or board chair
  • why this step significantly takes the stress out of asking for money

PART 2: Wednesday, January 21 at 1 p.m.

In the second installment, we’ll cover the final steps to get you having the best fundraising year ever: “ask” and “love.”

Ask & Love

  • an in-depth look at simple tool to help asks be more effective
  • how a person’s tendencies lead you in asking and thanking them afterwards
  • ways to gauge the ask and how to flex to match a person’s personality type
  • actual gift planning table and how to use it in an ask
  • the importance of silence in asking
  • how props can reduce fear–for both the asker and the one being asked
  • why “asking” is not changing your relationship with a prospective donor
  • how many options to offer
  • specific phrasing for getting the appointment
  • why objections are good
  • how to handle objections effectively
  • how to thank people and businesses so they keep supporting your cuase
  • and even how to handle turn people who want their money back into your biggest donors!

The day after an Ask Without Fear! LIVE, one participant emailed us to say:
I enjoyed your seminar so much, as did Danielle. We walked away very excited, and have already increase the number of people that will be at our next meeting, as well as more businesses coming on board to add to our fund raising. We have incredible things going on, and now adding what we have learned from your seminar has just motivated us even more. Thank you so much for the gift you have given to us.

Two great options for friends of My Charity Boxes

As a friend of My Charity Boxes, you have 2 great options for participating:

  1. My Charity Boxes Ask Without Fear! LIVE Webinar
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    You get the entire webinar training, all the recordings, and the ability to ask Marc your specific questions to be answered during the training!
  2. My Charity Boxes Ask Without Fear! LIVE Webinar PLUS
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    In this special VIP version, you get all the benefits of the trainings above (live trainings, access to the recordings, and specific questions answered during the trainings) but you also get:

    • a free copy of the Ask Without Fear!® ebook
    • a 30-minute coaching call with Marc limited to only the VIP members! (people pay over $250 for this alone!)
    • and a free month of membership to The Nonprofit Academy – a resource with over 50 trainings, templates, and tools for practically every aspect of your fundraising!

Don’t Miss Out!

2015 promises to be the best year for fundraising in a long time. People will be giving money. But will they be giving it to you? Don’t miss this opportunity to make it your best fundraising year ever!

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