Ask Without Fear! fundraising seminar

Asking for money is something anyone can do. Seriously.

In his Ask Without Fear! fundraising seminar, Marc teaches:

  • Why fundraising is the one of the most noble things we can do
  • An easy 4-part system for structuring any soliciation
  • Practical tools on how to research your fundraising goals
  • How to craft a “case statement”
  • Ways to use gift tables
  • Ideas about naming opportunities
  • Why a gift range calculator can be a great place to start any fundraising goal
  • 3 free tools to help research your prospect
  • Why fundraising is like dating
  • 4 practical questions to get to know your prospect
  • Why you need to let your prospect get to know you too
  • 5 everyday tools to help you engage with potential donors
  • Practical advice on website design
  • The #1 reason people don’t give
  • Why fundraising is an extreme sport!
  • At least 7 ways to make the “ask” easy
  • A look at how personality traits affect your ask
  • Ways to prepare for objections before they come up
  • How to deal with the most common objections
  • Why people are more important than money
  • 7 Most Common Fundraising Mistakes…and how to avoid them
  • How looking at things from the donor’s perspective can save you lots of heartache and embarassment
  • 3 ways to look at dealing with fear
  • An incredibly simple way to craft your organization’s message to attract the type of donors you want

Can you see why this is Marc’s most popular seminar?

Wouldn’t this be helpful for you? And your board of directors or volunteers?

To get this fundraising training now, downloadable to your desktop, go to the Ask Without Fear! EXPANDED fundraising seminar page.

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You'll discover the 21 ways each board member can help their nonprofit's fundraising - even if they don't like to ask for money!

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