Successful Fundraising in a Recession Seminar

Recessions can be one of the toughest times to raise money for nonprofits. But billions of dollars will still be given away this year. Will they be giving to yours?

In both the “Fundraising in a Recession” keynote speech and the full-day seminar, you’ll learn:

  • How the recessions affect our thinking
  • What makes this recessinon different from others
  • What the NBA can teach us to help overcome that paralysis
  • Effective use of Google
  • How to ask for money in a way that makes it easier for donors to say “Yes”

You’ll learn even more in the “Fundraising in a Recession” full-day seminar:

  • We will identify the specific type of person most likely to give to your organization.
  • We will give you tools to craft your message specifically for those individuals.
  • I’ll show you ways to use tools like Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook to help you engage donors during this recession.
  • We will even give you specific strategies to overcome the objections you’re currently receiving!

Remember, there’s nothing compassionate about not asking! I’d love to share these ideas at your next association meeting or team retreat. Contact me to find out the details:

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