Teaching to Fish Tour

Companies and corporate foundations are relentlessly hounded for donations. It can be overwhelming to decide who to give to and how much to give.

Worse, the requests repeat next year. And the year after. And the year after that.

Remember that old saying:

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

Wouldn’t it be great to teach these nonprofits how to raise funds and get free from the cycle of depending solely on your corporation?

International fundraising trainer and author of Ask Without Fear! Marc A. Pitman can help. He travels around the world teaching nonprofits how to develop sustainable fundraising programs. To help corporations, he’s created the “Teaching to Fish Tour.” For $10,000, plus expenses, corporations can sponsor him to come to the community of their choice and present his 90-minute fundraising training to all the nonprofits they want to invite. These classes have proven popular and effective all over the world from Wellington, New Zealand to Vancouver, Canada.

If corporations want more presentations, they can sponsor a leg of the “Teaching to Fish Tour” — a total of five classes — for $25,000 plus expenses.

“Marc is just plain inspiring. He makes everything about asking so easy and filled with joy. You can see the audience sit up straighter and grow in confidence as he speaks.”

Tom Ahern, Donor Communications Expert
Ahern Communications, Ink
Providence, RI

In each class, he’ll teach nonprofits how to

  • expand their list of donors and sponsors—rather than simply leaning on the same short list year after year
  • how to effectively incorporate social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in their fundraising
  • thoughtfully consider how a donor “fits” with their cause—rather than being “entitled” or demanding or rude
  • how to involve their board and volunteers in being ambassadors for their fundraising effort—rather than getting stressed out about lack of funding
  • and where they can find free or low-cost tools to make their fundraising as effective as possible.

All of this makes your corporate brand look great to the nonprofit community, whether you are able to give them a gift or not. Through these classes, you will be giving nonprofits concrete, action-oriented steps they can take to expand their base of donors.

What does a sponsor get?

  • Sole naming rights to your leg of the tour (or to the one event if you choose that option)
  • Your choice of communities and venues.
  • Permission for your PR people to promote the tour in all the ways suitable to your brand (social media, TV, radio, print, etc.)
  • Exposure on Marc’s FundraisingCoach.com blog (one of the top nonprofit blogs read by thousands around the world) and his social media profiles

Sole naming rights to a leg of the tour

Whether one class or a full leg of 5, your series will be named “The [Your Company Name] Teaching To Fish Tour.” Your corporation gets all the goodwill that comes from helping nonprofits and the gratitude of offering them concrete tools they can use to expand their donor base and become fully funded.

Additionally, Marc is open to wearing branded clothing like a tour jacket or sweater, as long as it compliments a bow-tie, and put a corporate logo sticker on his computer during the presentations. You are also welcome to send pens or other logo items to be given away at the event.

The choice of cities that would best impact your market

Do you have a lot of customers in Paducah? You could include Paducah in your leg of the “Teaching to Fish Tour.” Or would having an event in each of New York City’s five boroughs be more advantageous to your brand? That would work too. You decide the communities and you pick the venues.

These trainings work around the world so if your customers are outside of North America, you might consider classes in other cities.

You get to communicate with your customers about your good work

Your PR team will be able to promote your sponsored classes to your cities. People may be immune to hearing your company name coupled with your product, but hearing it coupled with teaching nonprofits how to raise money will shake them out of their stupor. They will take notice.

As a sponsor, your team can also talk about the tour in your social media outreach efforts. Marc is willing to participate in media interviews they set up that fit his schedule.

Marc is also open to interview your key officers before the event and promote it through his various networks, giving your brand more worldwide exposure.

Optional Book Signing

In addition to these benefits, Marc will offer you cases of his best selling Ask Without Fear! at a full 35% off. And he’ll do a book signing immediately before or after the class.

Good for your brand

You already know supporting nonprofit causes is good for business. Your support makes customers that aren’t involved in those causes feel good about your brand. The best part of sponsoring the “Teaching to Fish Tour,” is that nonprofits are inherently social. They are talking to supporters and communities every day. Whether you are able to give them a donation or not, they will tell others about your corporation’s support of the great training they get.

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Let Marc show you how good investment sponsoring the “Teaching to Fish Tour” can be

Email Marc directly at marc@fundraisingcoach.com or on Twitter at @marcapitman.

If mail is easier, Marc’s mailing address is:
2435 East North St.
Ste 1108-171
Greenville, SC 29615

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