ALSpay-logo“The coaching Marc did for Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic gave our marketing staff valuable information for recruiting and keeping donors for our nonprofit.

“Initially, through his book and coaching calls, we were able to develop a template that was very helpful in creating a framework for identifying donors and, as simple as it may seem, beginning the process of ‘asking’ for money.

“Since we had done literally no fundraising for the Clinic, Marc’s instruction gave us many, many ideas as to how to create opportunities that help folks want to support the Clinic. Opportunities in the form of solicitations, fundraisers and everyday opportunities like asking clients to donate as they use our services.

“Although we got a slow start in our efforts because of a very sluggish economy in our area, things have picked up nicely this year, and we have seen steady increases in donations.

“In all, if you can’t afford an expert fundraiser as a part of your staff, Marc’s training and coaching is the next best thing! We especially appreciated his willingness to be available at any time of the night or day for consultative phone calls!

“We are grateful Marc helped steer us in the right direction.”

B. L. Howard, Jr., President
Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic

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