No matter how digital our world gets, we human beings are still moved to action by the age old communication of storytelling. In this section, you’ll learn how to create effective stories, how to develop stories that will speak directly to your perfect donor, and how to help your board and volunteers speak practically from the same script as your staff.

Radio interview on John Tesh Radio Network

In this November 2012 radio interview, Marc is asked about appropriate "overhead" amounts for nonprofits, how to avoid charity scams, teaching kids to be philanthropic, and why volunteering is so important. As a nonprofit professional or volunteer, listen to this to see how Marc shapes the stories the interviewer asks. And how he helps set listeners' expectations about things like "overhead" and volunteering.

Storytelling that Inspires Donors to Give: What works and what doesn't

In this webinar, Marc shares the storytelling that inspires donors to give and helps them attract even more donors! Listen in to learn about the types of stories to collect and tips on how to tell them effectively.

The Rule of Three's

Adapted from Marc's book Who's Telling YOUR Story?, the Rule of Threes is a step-by-step formula for basically giving a script to your supporters and helping cut through the clutter that distracts donors.

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