Good morning!

Today I’m in a wet Charleston, SC at Blackbaud’s Conference on Philanthropy. I’m learning lots already. (I’ve even was able to attend a Jars of Clay concert. Sara Groves and Chris Rice also performed. It was incredible. Ok, that may not be “learning” in a strict sense… *grin*)

Since I’m on the road, we’ll take a break from going through the “Get REAL” process.

Instead, why not re-listen to the interview I did for Sandra Sims at The link is
Then ask yourself how you can either apply the Rule of 3’s OR the percentages reported in GivingUSA to your work this week.

Happy fundraising!


PS With the new year fast approaching, it might be a good time to revisit your annual goals and start setting new ones for 2006. One tool many are finding helpful is the MagnetGoals program.

UPDATE: The original MagnetGoals link doesn’t seem to be working. If you’d like to subscribe, you can use the form here on the right under the “archives.” Happy goal setting!

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