This is too odd a tale to be made up. Robbing a nonprofit? An employee of World Relief shooting someone? Especially when World Relief is part of the National Association of Evangelicals?

Here’s the entire blurb as seen in today’s daily by the Chronicle of Philanthropy:

“Nonprofit Employee Kills Robber at Office”

A nonprofit worker in Atlanta shot and killed a would-be robber after the man demanded money from a safe, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Two men at World Relief, a group that helps resettle immigrants and refugees, were closing up the charity’s offices at the end of the day when two men armed with handguns sneaked in through the back door, reports the newspaper. One of the robbers took the men’s wallets, pointed a gun at one of the worker’s heads, and told him to open the safe.

When the robber turned his back, the other charity employee pulled a gun from his desk and shot the robber several times, according to a police spokesman. The name of shooter was not released.

World Relief is a division of the National Association of Evangelicals.

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