On LinkedIn.com, I asked what people think of “Oprah’s ‘The Big Give'” now that it’s been on for a month.

Little did I know how deeply emotional the responses would be!

Most people answering are hostile to reality tv, the premise of the show, and Oprah’s intent. It’s really amazing!

Some of the points are well taken. And I would understand the negativity if the show had been pitched as a “primer on philanthropy,” or a “guide to wisely investing in charity.”

But it’s a game.

Unlike Survivor, where you have to “outwit, outplay, outlast” and lying is seen as a tool, the rules of The Big Give are designed around helping strangers.

Perhaps what makes it hit at such a deep level for us in fundraising is that this game isn’t on some remote tropical island. It’s being played out right in our communities.

See all the answers for yourself at: One month into the show, what do you think of Oprah’s ‘The Big Give’?.

And for the lessons I think nonprofits can learn, go to: Fundraising lessons from Oprah’s “The Big Give”

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