I’m really excited to be offering a full day of “Ask Without Fear!” training here in Waterville, ME on Saturday, September 13.

This training will be ideal for board members and volunteers who are feeling guilty that they’re not doing as much fundraising as they think is expected of them. They’ll learn that fundraising really can be “fun”!

It’s also great for nonprofit professionals and executive directors who want to learn more about “making the ask” or just want to be re-invigorated about asking for money.

I’m pretty excited to be offering this for so low a price. It’ll normally cost $500 or $600 per person–the information will help you raise far more than that. But I’m offering it in my home town for a low $99.

Why Saturday? Board members and volunteers asked me to do it when they could come! Isn’t that great?

To read what you’ll learn, and to register for only $99, go to the Ask Without Fear! LIVE! page.

But hurry, there isn’t much space and the early registration discount ends soon!

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