Last month I got my first Android, a Samsung Mesmerize.

I love it. I do miss the keyboard of my Blackberry. But I’m ok with that.

Here are my favorite apps:

  • Hootsuite I love that HootSuite [affiliate link] lets me tweet from my two accounts as well as update my Facebook profiles and pages. All from my phone. Love this.
  • YouVersion I love having the ability to access the Bible from my phone. And YouVersion has dozens of reading plans. I’m currently following the Book of Common Prayer and the “100 Days of Essential Jesus.”
  • Angry Birds I’ve successfully avoided online games for years. I even delete the preloaded ones from my computers. But I downloaded Angry Bird and got hooked. Unlike the iPad version, the Android version gives you the whole game, it’s just supported by ads. (Not a big deal.)
  • Google Sky This app shows constellations and other space things in the sky. It’s been too cold in Maine to use this at night. But man, it makes me feel really smart.
  • Advanced Task Killer My battery has lasted a lot longer since I installed this app. It shows you all the things running and selectively stop them. Yahoo! Mail? Nope. I use GMail. But the Samsung keeps Yahoo! Mail running. ATK lets me kill it. 🙂

I use the Facebook app a lot but it’s not one of my favorites. And the Google Reader app is very helpful–I’m starting to actually keep up with my blogs again. But it isn’t a favorite yet either.

Why did I include this on Because more and more of us need to find ways to be more efficient. For me, smartphones have been an invaluable tool. With my smartphone, I’m able to quickly find out things about donors or get directions to their homes.

What I’d love to find is an app that helps me track my work-related mileage.

What are your favorite apps?

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