5 Reasons Google+ is great for job seekersA couple months ago, I was asked why I thought Google+ is great for job seekers. Here’s what I replied:

I am an executive coach and a geek who loves G+.

Here are five reasons I think G+ would be fabulous for job seekers.

  1. Like Twitter, you can follow anyone without having to have them follow you back or “connect” with you. This is huge for job seekers looking to connect with new people. Job seekers could create a “Potential Employers” circle and focus on getting to know them.
  2. The G+ profiles can give job seekers a great sense of the person they’ll be interviewing with. They can get a feel for what culture a company might have based on the employer’s profile and interactions.
  3. G+ replies tend to be much more engaging and complete than Facebook replies. So if you are interesting and adding to a potential employers posts, you’ll stand out.
  4. G+ hangouts are an amazing opportunity. Google describes these as front porch chats designed to allow anyone to drop in. So if job seekers keep tabs on their “Potential Employers” circle, they can drop in on hangouts that those people are in. And they’ll be talking face to face with the people they’re hoping to meet.
  5. G+ still feels “new.” So job seekers will appear more savvy and in-the-know, helping them stand out in the interviews.

I hope those help!

Do you agree? What would you add?

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