Flipboard Magazine "The Fundraising Life" by Fundraising Coach listed as "New and Noteworthy" "I love using Flipboard. It’s a handy app got me back into regular blog reading.

This spring, they created a way for users to build their own magazines. It is a simple way for users to curate content. Content curation is a huge life skill, at least for online work.

So last month when my wife saw an announcement about a Flipboard magazine making class to teach magazine creation, she encouraged my son and me to take it. We figured it would be a good set of skills for this already digitally savvy kid to have. Of course, I needed to create a magazine to be able to guide him through the course.

The Fundraising Life

Thus was born my magazine, The Fundraising Life. I wanted to share great fundraising and nonprofit marketing articles. But as an executive coach, I also wanted to include articles on time management, travel tips, and life hacks. Things that would make our lives more enjoyable and fulfilling.

One of 12 featured by Flipboard

When Flipboard wanted to feature some of the magazines created from this inaugural class, I was shocked to find “The Fundraising Life” included in their Magazines We Love post!

Writing about it, they said:

The Fundraising Life by Marc A. Pitman: “I’m a fundraiser…and I love it!” declares Pitman. He directs that kind of passion into this magazine, which curates the best nonprofit fundraising advice on the web, as well as tips, tricks, and lifehacks for saving time, increasing enjoyment, and fully living life.

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With Google Reader closing down on July 1, many are scrambling looking for a blog reader alternative. Flipboard will import your Google Reader feeds and keep them going after Google Reader officially closes.

If you use Flipboard, I’d be honored if you subscribed to The Fundraising Life. It’s free! Just go to http://flip.it/5kl47 (You can go there to get links for downloading Android and Apple versions of the app too.)

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