Happy New (fiscal) Year!

For many FundraisingCoach.com readers, today – July 1st – is the start of a brand new fiscal year. The amount raised starts at zero but the goals are set higher.

As fundraisers, we rarely get thanked, and that’s fine. The nature of our work puts the emphasis on the donors and the impact they create through our nonprofits. But today I wanted to pause and say: Thank you.

To all who raise money, thank you.

  • Because of your work, donors are finding the way to invest in their values.
  • Because of your work, people are being fed. Kids are being educated. Land is being conserved. Animals are being cared for.
  • Because of your work, the nonprofit sector is the providing meaningful work for tens of millions of people and their families. (Over 10.7 million people are employed by nonprofits in the United States alone, making it third largest workforce here.)

Thanks for making the world a better place. I firmly believe generosity is hardwired in human beings. It’s one of the best parts of us. As a fundraiser, your leadership is helping people express the best in themselves. Thank you.

Here’s a video I recorded a few years ago, as a thank you for fundraisers. It applies just as much on July 1 as it does on June 30.

Is today your fiscal new year? Or is it another time of the year? Let us know at: http://FundraisingCoach.com/fiscalyear/

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