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“I’m a 10-year veteran fundraiser. Marc not only provided valuable fundraising information which served as a great refresher for me but also provided some new concepts/ideas that even I hadn’t considered before, all while injecting humor and great common-sense analogies into his presentation.”

Sabrina William, Executive Director
Downtown Hays Development Corp
Hays, KS

Are you feeling burnt out?

Remember when you got started with your cause? There was nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of helping donors connect their finances with their passions. It was like putting a plug into a socket: electric!

Has raising money lost that thrilling for you?

You’re in the nonprofit world because you believe in the incredible mission of your organization. So raising money to make that mission possible should be the most exciting thing in the world, shouldn’t it?

All too often, we try to fit our fundraising efforts into other peoples’ ideas of what we ought to do. Most of those programs make sense. But if they’re not a “fit” with your natural abilities, then they’ll just increase your stress and bog you down.

Let me help you get in touch with the original joy of asking and show you why fundraising is an extreme sport!

  • Your equipment is often simply a cup of coffee and your passion;
  • your uniform a suit and a bow tie;
  • your playing field a local cafe.

I can help you get re-energized about raising money for your nonprofit and to give you the fundraising skills to be more effect than ever.

You can take advantage of the free articles and tools available here on FundraisingCoach.com. While many of these are pretty basic, after almost 20 years in fundraising I’m convinced it’s often the basics we need to be reminded of!

I also offer executive coaching and nonprofit seminars. Together we can strategize your work and responsibilities to fit both your personal hard-wiring and your organization’s unique culture. I’ll help you prune and steamline your existing fundraising activities to make them more productive.

If you already know what to do and just need a little kick to get out and do it, the weekly coaching email called Fundraising Kick might be perfect for you!

Sometimes, we get a little burnt out because we forget to ask in the style that’s most natural for us. To discover your personal asking style for free, go to AskingStyleProfile.com. This assessment can not only help you, it can help you see why your board or boss doesn’t “get” the way you ask for money!

Those of us who’ve been asking through the last several recessions and economic downturns have probably lost a lot of donors. This can be really discouraging. Almost 24 experts came together to create two programs to help reverse this trend, even if you’re in a small shop. The first is the highly successful 100 Donors in 90 Days program. An influx of new people in a short amount of time can definitely re-energize a nonprofit staff and board!

The other program is The Donor Retention Project. If your nonprofit is average, you’re losing 70% of your donors each year. That means if you made a list of 10 new donors from last year, you could get out a Sharpie and cross out 7 of those names. But you don’t have to settle for average. The Donor Retention Project gives you strategies to keep donors happily giving year after year. And wording to communicate the importance of retaining donors to your board and boss.

Also, a few years ago I ran a radio program called Ask Without Fear! Radio Show. I created it with you in mind. I interviewed some of the top leaders in nonprofit fundraising and marketing with the goal of helping remind you of the privilege of our work while giving you helpful tools to do your job more effectively. And every month in The Nonprofit Academy, I’m hosting experts to help you improve everything from your infrastructure to your fundraising letters to your Facebook advertising. You can see all the tools there in The Nonprofit Academy’s Online Vault.

It’s crazy but often board members “hear” what you’re saying when it’s said by an outsider like me. I can help train your volunteers and board members either remotely through the fundraising book Ask Without Fear!®, the Ask Without Fear! DVD, or with custom onsite fundraising training.

Fundraising for nonprofits doesn’t need to be stressful or boring. Let me help you put the “fun” back into fundraising!

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