Fundraising Coaching for Shluchim

“I have worked with Marc for over a year, and I’m very happy. He helps you understand yourself while teaching you how to become a better fundraiser. My fundraising and the quality of our relationships with donors have gone up tremendously. It’s like a completely new ballpark. He has helped me develop into a better leader and my whole team now operates in a new environment.”

Rabbi Dovid Tiechtel

Chabad at the University of Illinois, Champaign, IL

Too many shluchim go out on shlichus without a clear grasp on how to raise funds. They love introducing people to mitzvot. They have grand dreams and great hearts. But they figure the finances will just work out.

But they don’t. So they lurch miracle to miracle. Or they lurch from one crowdfunding campaign to the next without any idea how to fund their work between campaigns.

Frustrated and stressed, they try adding more programs. Creating more classes. Doing more work.

They think “more” will show people how important the mosad is and getting them to give money.

But people don’t “get it.” People don’t seem to understand that you need their money to support your mosad. And the programs keep filling up time that should be devoted to fundraising work.

And the bills keep mounting.

Learn to raise money your way

Shliach fundraising  coaching can transform that.

Shluchim say Fundraising Coach Marc A. Pitman helps them sort through the overwhelming demands of shlichus. In fact, they’re shocked by how much a goy can understand their mosad.

You don’t have to become some pushy schnorrer. And while you do have to remain pleasantly persistent, you don’t have to engage in acts that actively drive away the very people you are trying to serve.

Rather than guilting or shaming you to fundraise, Marc gives you a process to incorporate fundraising in all your work. His  Ask Without Fear!® coaching system uses the proven techniques in his book Ask Without Fear!® to help you raise more money. He will help you figure out how to

  • research your cause, help you sort through your prospects,
  • figure out how much to ask them for,
  • help you tell your mosad’s story in a way donors find compelling, and
  • walk you through the up’s and down’s of asking them each individually.

You’ll know how to most effectively ask them and how to handle their objections.

And he’ll show you how to do it without becoming somebody else. You’ll learn how your unique gifts and talents can be used to fully fund your cause. Introvert or extrovert. Natural schmoozer or not. 

There’s no “cookie cutter,” one-size-fits-all approach to fundraising for your mosad. Marc helps you combine industry best practices with your unique quirks and talents to create a fundraising approach perfect for your work.

You might just find that fundraising even becomes an enjoyable part of your shlichus!

“Marc has a deep understanding in how Chabad houses function and the unique challenges we face. Marc helped us to not just be in the cycle of worrying about tomorrow, but how to ensure long term organizational success and financial stability. If you are ready to think big and make a long term change, Marc’s your man!”

Rabbi Hershy & Miri Gourarie

Chabad of the Undergrads at Penn State, State College, PA

But it’s about more than just money

Ever since it was first published, people have been telling us that Ask Without Fear! goes beyond just fundraising. They say this system helps them live their life and lead their organization on their own terms. Coaching gives you a safe, confidential place to think through ideas. Marc becomes an experienced sounding board for you to bounce your ideas off of.

You’re doing good things. But doing good shouldn’t burn you out or use you up. Let’s see if coaching can help you get unstuck!

“I had a great time! The energy, vibe and atmosphere were awesome. Thank you for facilitating a productive, informative and practical fundraising boot camp. I learned a lot that I can apply immediately. It was fun to be with a group of Shluchos that want to learn.”

Chana Tiechtel

Chabad at Arizona University, Phoenix, AZ

What is shluchim fundraising coaching?

Having a fundraising coach is like having a personal trainer. But rather than training for your body, this is personal training for your life.

Ask Without Fear!® coaching programs are like an executive-level development conference that comes to your office. At kinussim or bootcamps you get lots of great information and techniques. But it’s easy to forget them when you get back home. With coaching, you get to create strategies in your real day-to-day life and keeping working at them until they work for you!

Shluchim like Marc’s gentle but no-nonsense approach and his attention to the bottom line coupled with his deep care for the shliach or shluchos.

And because Marc coaches, trains, and speaks to leaders around the world, you will get the best practices in the field. Not just the best practices in Chabad. Or the best practices in Jewish philanthropy.

Marc believes you are the leader of your mosad. You’ve been entrusted to work in your community or campus in the ways you see fit. So if you and he decide coaching is a good fit, you are in the driver’s seat. You determine the direction for each call. Marc will keep you focused on the overall reason you wanted coaching, but you can use calls for whatever will help you most as the leader of your mosad.

With a coach, you’re no longer alone. Marc only accepts a few coaching clients. This allows you to handle situations as they come up, in real-time.

What would your six- or twelve- months of coaching look like?

Your Chabad house is unique. So is your leadership style. So:

  • First, you and Marc will start out by outlining your expectations and goals.
  • Next, you will work together to create a road map to accomplishing those goals.
  • Then Marc will help you accomplish those goals. Each week, you both will deal with challenges as they come up, real-time. And he helps you create strategies for each new goal that needs to be accomplished.

When you contract with Marc, you’re getting personal attention. Not “personalized” attention but the real thing.

“Marc helped me understand my role as a leader in the light of ‘team manager.’ Especially as it pertains to running our student board. This was helpful because of the many hats I wear I did not see myself as a team manager and it was important for me to understand my role in leading this team. How I could help them bring their unique contribution and leadership style to benefit our community and also help me take a step back to do only the things I need to be doing.”

Rabbi Nissen Goldman

Chabad on Campus Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa

What you get as a Shluchim Fundraising Coach coaching client

Our coaching packages are normally rendered in six- or twelve-months. All coaching is done by phone but committing to a year qualifies you for a free day of training at your location.

With six- or twelve- months, you get:

  • Regularly scheduled calls

    These are weekly or bi-weekly depending on your package. The 45-minute scheduled calls help us keep you moving forward toward completion of your goals. At the end of each call, you’ll agree on your “homework” – the tasks you’ll complete before the next call.

    These calls are yours. You have complete choice over what you focus on each week. Past clients have focused on everything from fundraising, goal setting, management issues, personal or corporate branding, job searches and career transitions, and work-life management.

    These are generally exclusively with you and Marc, but you can choose to have some of your team join you for the calls.

  • Support between calls

    The scheduled calls are powerful, but life of your mosad happens between the calls. We limit the number of our coaching clients to make sure you have virtually unlimited email and phone support. If something comes up, you can shoot Marc an email without having to worry if the “meter is running.” It’s included. And even encouraged!

  • Fundraising writing edits

    As a coaching client, you also get to run your fundraising letters and emails by Marc for his edits and suggestions. He keeps up with the best of fundraising strategies and brings these to your appeals. He even makes the edits in a way that allows you to decide if you agree or not. This service comes at no additional charge.

  • Ask Without Fear!® Newsletter

    Every other Tuesday, Marc write about some aspect of fundraising. You’ll get his thoughts and tool suggestions delivered right to your inbox.

  • Fundraising Kick Coaching Emails

    You’ll also get a complimentary subscription to our Fundraising Kick weekly coaching emails. At the beginning of every week, Marc shares specific tactics to get you out meeting with 5-10 major gift prospects. These often contain the exact scripts to use on the phone or wording for your notes.

  • Fundraising Coach University

    As if all that weren’t enough, we also offer Fundraising Coach University to all of our private coaching clients. FCU gives you 24/7 access to video training, audio seminars, written tutorials, and even downloadable samples for all aspects of your fundraising and leadership. It has sections for each of the four steps in the Ask Without Fear! system, fundraising letters, fundraising events, online fundraising and social media, storytelling, people skills, time management & life hacks. You get 24/7 access to this ever growing set of tools as long as you’re a coaching client.

If coaching sounds like a good fit for you, click the button to apply for a free exploratory call.

The choice is yours

You are an emissary of the Rebbe. This is your mosad. The choice is up to you.

If you think shliach fundraising coaching will help you move your work to the next level, apply now for a free 20 – 30 minute  exploratory call!


“Thank you, Marc. Your training was excellent and your dedication to our success was greatly appreciated!”

Rabbi Pesach Scheiner

Boulder County Center for Judaism, Boulder, CO

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