The Secret to Raising More in 2014

Donor retention like a leaky bucket. Photo courtesy of Tobias Schlitt on Flickr

Every week, I have a conversation like this with a nonprofit leader: Nonprofit Leader: "We need to find new donors." (As though there's a magic bullet, a secret place to find new donors.) Me: "Why do you want to find new donors?" NL (incredulously, like I'm an idiot): "Because we aren't raising enough money. We [...]

Top 13 Readers Favorite Fundraising Coach Posts from 2013

Poolballs with 13 by _ustas on Flickr

Happy New Year! A record number of people came to for fundraising help in 2013. Here are the the top 2013 posts based on website traffic! They cover everything from social media tips, to strategies on year-end fundraising, to how board members can be effective askers. Top 13 Fundraising Posts Written in 2013 Content [...]

[Guest Post] Fostering Positive Nonprofit Volunteer-Staff Relations

headshot of Victoria Michelson for post Fostering positive nonprofit volunteer-staff relations by Victoria-Michelson-200w

Today I'm glad to be able to introduce you too Victoria Michelson a freelance writer for Wild Apricot. When she's not writing, but she spends most of her time running races to support local nonprofit organizations in Boise, ID. I've asked her to share on how to improve volunteer-staff relations within nonprofits. Her three points [...]

Is there a Ron Newell in your donor pool?

Courtesy image of Ron Newell from Fosters Daily Democrat

Did you hear the latest story about an unassuming millionaire? According to Foster's Daily Democrat, Ron Newell was a quiet truck driver in Dover, NH. He liked kids and animals, especially dogs. Last August, Mr. Newell passed away at the age of 78. Last week, two nonprofits were told that he'd left them $550,000 each. [...]

How to do telephone fundraising in December


At this point in the year, you’ve already sent your direct mail fundraising letter. (You have, haven’t you?) So this can be an awful time, marked by nail biting and incessantly looking at database reports to see if anyone has given. It can feel like fundraising is totally out of your control. But fundraising is [...]

It's #GivingTuesday!!

#GivingTuesday is TODAY

#GivingTuesday is here! Last Thursday was Thanksgiving here in the USA. Last Friday was "Black Friday," the day retailers hope to sell enough to end the year in the black. Yesterday was #CyberMonday, the online retail version of Black Friday. Today is #GivingTuesday! (Backed by the United Nations Foundation, Giving Tuesday is intended to be [...]

CyberMonday/GivingTuesday Special: A year of coaching "kicks" and a free coaching call!

Cyberman with bowtie celebrating Cyber-Monday Sale

For the past three years, Fundraising Kick has been helping nonprofit leaders raise more money than they thought possible! Each week, Fundraising Kick subscribers get a short email with an extremely practical strategy for making 5-10 major gift calls that week. Can you imagine what a difference an additional 5-10 major gift calls each week [...]