The biggest mental block to fundraising success – board members and nonprofit leaders

Edge Drop Off - Think Right for Fundraising Success

A couple weeks ago, I asked subscribers to the Ask Without Fear! email newsletter, “What is stopping you?” I’ve received over 100 responses from nonprofit leaders, fundraising staff, and board members! I’m still sorting through all of them, but a very common one is a variation of, “They’ll resent it if I ask them for […]

50 Shades of Green – Standing up to violence against women

#50ShadesofGreen - Standing up to domestic violence #HeForShe

Invest #50ShadesofGreen to help end abuse Let’s turn the multi-million corporate ad budget for 50 Shades of Grey on its head. My wife and I saw our friend JoAnne Hankey suggest people not see the movie but give the money they would’ve spent to a women’s shelter. Awesome idea, isn’t it? Let’s make it ridiculously […]

Nonprofit Blog Carnival – Celebrating your nonprofit cause

Call for submissions: Deadline February 26th! It is my pleasure to be hosting the February Nonprofit Blog Carnival! With Valentine’s Day in February, the last three years have focused on “loving”: loving nonprofit staff loving donors and keeping them coming back and loving nonprofit leaders Breaking out of the rut This year, let’s shake it […]

Are you lying to your nonprofit board members?

Are you lying to your nonprofit board members?

I’m not sure why it is, but so many of us outright lie when we invite people to our nonprofit board. We tell them, “It won’t be a lot of work. And it will be alot of fun.” But neither are totally true. Board work is work. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s routine. And, yes, […]

Nonprofit Board Orientation – 3 tips to starting them right!


In a recent study, 75% of nonprofit executives said their board members weren’t sufficiently engaged. 3 out of 4! With numbers that high, you know there has to be a systemic issue. Nonprofits are doing amazing things around the world. People work and volunteer at them to add meaning and value to their lives. So […]

What would you like to learn about nonprofit boards?

Vintage image of YWCA Board for's Fundraising Training for Board Members

As we wrap up the year, it’s amazing to see what a year it’s been. Many of you are reporting increased donor retention, better storytelling results, and increased fundraising (some of you dramatic increases!). As I’ve been reflecting this year, I’ve been remembering that I initially wrote Ask Without Fear!® for nonprofit board members. I’d […]

[Guest Post] How to Make Your Fundraising Plans for Next Year Better… and More Effective

Joe Garecht writes on creating a successful nonprofit fundraising plan

I’ve been enjoying Joe Garecht’s work at The Fundraising Authority for years. And I’m thrilled that he’ll be teaching in The Nonprofit Academy in January. He’ll be teaching on How to Write a Successful Non-Profit Fundraising Plan, so I’ve invited him to share a few tips here as well. You can connect with Joe on […]