If you’re a bit like me, registering for a conference is not something you look forward to. I hem and haw. I procrastinate. And I get more and more stressed as the deadline draw closer.

But once I’ve registered, all that stress leaves. Because I’m not longer wondering “if” I’ll go but I start planning for “when” I go.

So let me help you get rid of some stress. Since you’re on this website, you are showing an interest in nonprofit fundraising and marketing. So I wanted to write to you about the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference. I love this conference so much, I risk never getting this email to you because I might keep writing and writing and writing. So I’m limiting myself to three reasons why you should register for the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference this week.

  1. Actual Results

    The first reason I’d recommend registering is that this conference is the only conference I’ve been a part of where participants leave and actually raise money right away. Conferences are usually filled with information. But there’s little actionable information. And conferences usually have information that doesn’t quite fit with your situation. So the information isn’t entirely helpful. And much of the information takes time to see results.

    The Nonprofit Storytelling Conference is unlike any I’ve seen. Yes, I help produce the conference, but one of the reasons I stay on the leadership team is that the participants’ nonprofits actually see dramatic fundraising results. This is the first conference I’ve been a part of that participants are energized enough to leave and immediately act on what they’ve learned. They completely rewrite their entire year-end appeal on the airplane ride home. And see two and three times more in donations than the previous year.

    Or they immediately contact donors with a fundraising ask. At a recent conference, leaders from a nonprofit took one phrase from one of my talks and, within 48 hours, had raised one of the largest gifts in their nonprofit’s history. They went to a donor to ask him about being part of their $15,000 matching fund. But because of the phrasing they learned, he ended up saying yes to the entire $15,000!

    Or they leave this conference transform their nonprofit marketing, making it both more equitable and more effective. They empower communities. Engage more volunteers. And make real changes in their area of work.

    We have run this conference for 10 years now and each year we see these results. From small nonprofits to multinational nonprofits. From board members to seasoned nonprofit staff. From North American nonprofits to NGOs from around the world.

    So one reason you should consider registering this week is that the experiences and sessions at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference produce results for organizations just like yours.

  2. The Guests (what other conferences call “Attendees”)

    The sessions are great, but so are the guests who attend the conference. The people that come to the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference are passionate individuals seeking to get better at their work. And that energy permeates the experience. And it’s not that the guests are all extroverts. I’ve never seen a more active introvert group! Each year the introverts unite and support each other in making sure they care for themselves.

    Whether seasoned executive directors, volunteer board members, or first-time employees, the guests come to learn and to share. There is no spirit of competition at all. Everyone comes with an attitude of helping everyone else.

    The best part is that we see these relationships grow after the conference. Being in nonprofit fundraising or marketing can be lonely. But the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference helps people connect with colleagues who support each other, sometimes for years.

    There’s something special about seeing those relationships in-person at the conference. Last year, I remember talking to guests who’d not attended the conference for a few years. They felt supported enough by the alumni group we run. But they were shocked with how powerful it was being back in-person at the conference. They told me, “I’d forgotten how energizing this conference is. There’s an atmosphere of possibility and growth. This energy is something I’ve missed.”

    So a second reason for registering for the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference this week is that you’ll be choosing to come in November to soak in an atmosphere of growth and possibility for three days.

  3. This will sell out

    The third reason you should register to join us this November 11-13 is that this conference will sell out. For the first time ever, the conference has secured an entire hotel. We’ll be in Santa Ana Pueblo at the Tamaya Resort. (The picture above is a sunrise from Tamaya.) So all the guests in the hotel for those days will be your colleagues. All the discussions and experiences and hallway conversations will be around helping you and your cause.

    Since this will sell out, why not register this week? Especially when you can save money?

Glad I limited myself to three things!

I’m glad I limited myself to just three things. Why should you register for the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference this week?

  • guests see actual results from what they learn
  • guest get revived and re-energized
  • and the conference will sell out so why not get in and enjoy the discount that ends this week?

Hope you take advantage of this week’s savings!

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