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This week I bought some perforated paper at Quill.com. It was my first Quill purchase.

When it came the next day (very fast), I saw that it was perforated in the wrong place. So I decided to return it.

The return process was incredibly simple. But what blew me away was the wonderful response I received. I’ve posted it below. How cool would it be if all companies were this remarkable?

————— Original Message —————
Subject: Re: Return Order
From: “info@quill.com”
Date: Thu, March 9, 2006 9:39 am
To: marc@vcwaterville.org
Dear Marc,

Thank you for writing Quill.com.

I apologize that your item does not meet your needs.

It is not necessary for you to return this to us.

Please donate this to the school, church or charitable organization of your choice.

I have processed a credit to your account that can be applied to any open invoice. You should receive a copy of this by mail in 5-7 business days.

If you would like a replacement, please order at your convenience. If we can be of assistance in finding an alternate item, please reply to this email.

We value your business. Thank you for choosing Quill.


Jan S.
Electronic Correspondence
Quill Corporation
“So Fast. So Simple.”

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