Using Props

Even with the best preparation, asking for money can still be a bit nerve-wracking. Have you ever set up a solicitation appointment and gone to the meeting only to chicken out of asking? I’m sure it’s happened to each of us at least once. One of the best ways to help...

Book Title Vote Survey

Thank you to everyone who's responded to my Would you help me name my book? post! The response is so good, I'm having a challenge quantifying it. So I set up a survey at At the risk of being a pain, would you vote again? This time at the survey? I...

FriendRaising by Hildy Gottlieb's Stephen Nill just reviewed Hildy Gottlieb's newest book. I've enjoyed interacting with Hildy on the CharityChannel listservs. We even had the treat of speaking at the Hampton Roads Institute for Nonprofit Leadership this past January. Check out...

Amazing customer service

[Cross posted on my other blog,] This week I bought some perforated paper at It was my first Quill purchase. When it came the next day (very fast), I saw that it was perforated in the wrong place. So I decided to return it. The return...

Reality Check

This morning I set time to start calling prospects to set up solicitations. And I found out I'm really good at distracting myself! I checked GoogleNews. Then I made a call. I remembered I needed to read an article on one of the people before I called. I printed out...

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