This story appeared in Inland Hospital’s internal daily:

There was an elderly woman who had been hard of hearing for years. Her family and friends were always encouraging her to get a hearing aid. Finally, she gave in. After having the hearing aid for three weeks she returned to the audiologist for a minor adjustment. He said, “Your friends and relatives must be very pleased that you can hear so well now.”

“Oh, I haven’t told them.” the women replied. “I just sit around and listen. And you know what? I’ve changed my will three times!”

Humorous but possibly convicting too.

What are you say about your donors? And do you suppose their hearing is actually better than they’re letting on?

  • Just taking money without thanking donors and or letting them know how their gift was used speaks very loudly that you’re more interested in their cash then in them.
  • Sending your letters 6-8 weeks after a gift comes in let’s donors know you’re not very interested in them too.
  • Doing nothing about an issue even after people have complained about it or questioned it repeatedly, not even developing a succint explanation for why it is done that way, speaks volumes too!

Are you communicating neglect and entitlement or thanks and appreciation.

I’m currently working on signage for a campaign completed last year. I’m amazed at how generous people were and at how quickly I’ve moved on. In my world, that campaign is done.

But for them, it’s still something they’re paying pledges on. I had a blast calling folks to confirm how they wanted to be listed. What a wonderful opportunity to say “thanks” to people that helped totally transform the lives of our nursing home residents.

What can you do this week to let your donors know you are grateful for their commitment to your organization?

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