The R.E.A.L. Simple Guide to Asking for Money
I’ve recently become aware of two things about the title of my book The Get R.E.A.L. Guide to Asking for Money: Connecting Donors with What Matters to Them Most.

1. It is really long.

2. The “R.E.A.L.” raises spam alerts.

Would you help me by voting on keeping this title or choosing one of three new ones?
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[Update 8/27: Thanks to everyone that’s responded to the book title survey!

Although a shorter one seems popular, many of you are making persausive arguments for sticking with the title I have. Most of your comments reflect that the word “fear” in the title isn’t a good thing.

And many of you are nice to say that my writing makes seeming difficult things like fundraising feel “simple.” I still have to get the final from my publisher but it looks like the book title will stay as it is!]

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