I just got back from the AMA conference in DC and found this article in the Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems newsletter:

Inland Author Strives for Healthy Communities
Three years ago, Marc Pitman joined Inland Hospital as director of the Inland Foundation. Since he arrived, the Inland Foundation has received gifts of more than a million dollars, donors have grown by 64 percent, and the total dollars raised has grown an incredible 445 percent!

“It’s a tremendous privilege to know your work is making someone’s life better. We’re getting staff and board members involved and it’s exciting for them to know they make a difference,” Marc says. That same philosophy is also found in Marc’s recently published book, Ask Without Fear, which is all about building relationships for a lifetime.

Inland president and CEO, John Dalton, says Marc’s understanding of Waterville and the residents of the region shines through his work. Michael Crowley, president of Healthcare Charities, commented, “Marc’s depth of knowledge and the experience that we have together allows us to help our family, friends, and neighbors have access to the healthcare they need.”

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