Could I ask you a big Friday favor?

Would you help me get Ask Without Fear! into Starbucks stores?

My local baristas strongly encouraged me to try to get Ask Without Fear! into Starbucks in conjunction with the National Philanthropy days in November. The "grassroots" appeal of the book is perfect for the typical Starbucks customer.

Naturally, as a former barista, I loved the idea! I think it’d be awesome to have Ask Without Fear! featured in stores!

So I found the agency that arranges for book promotions. Their email is: I’ve emailed a couple times but haven’t heard anything back.

National Philanthropy Day is November 15 but groups celebrate it whenever it’s convenient to their previously scheduled events. So there’s a long "celebration" time for National Philanthropy. It also positions Starbucks as a proponent of philanthropy and partnering with the communities it serves.

I wrote "Ask Without Fear!" to be a simple guide to inspire and equip normal people to start raising money for their favorite causes. Definitely a grassroots thing.

The book is available through distributors like Ingram and all the major retailers including Barnes & Nobles and Amazon. And the book has been featured and positively reviewed in national print publications as well as on the blogosphere.

Would you send them a quick email today encouraging them to do a "National Philanthropy Day" promotion featuring Ask Without Fear!? The email address is Getting an email from you will really help!

Thanks so much!

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