Image of Pentagon MemorialThe Washington Post did a great story on the Pentagon memorial called From Families’ Grief, a Symbol of Loss and Hope.

This is a must read for fundraisers. It talks about how Jim Laychak worked through funding hurdles and his own emotions of losing his brother on 9/11. He came to realize that the only way to fund this memorial was by asking people face-to-face.

In time, Laychak, 49, came to absorb the stories of the other families he spoke for, carrying them into meetings with his own sense of loss. He learned that if he wanted big donors to give big sums, he had to “make the ask” without fear of rejection…

As a result, the Pentagon memorial is the first one completed.

If you’re involved in fundraising in any capacity, don’t let anyone ever tell you that all you’re doing is “begging” or “hitting people up.”

You’re actively helping people remember, hope, and heal.

And my hat’s off to you. Our world is a better place because of your work. Thank you.

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