2009 looks like it’ll probably be a challenging year. Since many are having their education budgets cut, I’ve put several tools up on the web. These are packed with incredible content and are conveniently available for you to learn without leaving your office!

Last issue, I mentioned Who’s Telling Your Story?. Storytelling is the best way to non-threateningly market your nonprofit, prospect for new donors, and reinfoce your culture with your staff. Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • 2500 year old method to structure an effective story that still works today
  • 5 categories of stories to use to reinforce your organizational culture
  • Why stories of times you’ve failed are as important as stories of times you’ve succeeded
  • A 3-step tool to help you tell stories in ways that board members, volunteers, and staff will find themselves repeating them – singing from the same sheet

The MP3 is $97. The flash video with the PowerPoint slides is $127. Or you can have both for the same price: $127! To see the full list, check out Who’s Telling Your Story? at https://fundraisingcoach.com/storytelling/

And now there’s also the new Ask Without Fear! EXPANDED! I kept the book intentionally slim so others would feel motivated to get out and ask people for money. But people keep asking me to expand on the book. Now, in 4 1/2 hours of teaching spread out over three webinars, I have the luxury to go into much more detail.

So much is covered, it’s impractical to list it all here. So go to Ask Without Fear! EXPANDED fundraising seminar to see the more than 90 items listed!

Each webinar is available for $197 individually. Or you can get all three and a free copy of a workbook to help you put this strategies into practice for only $497. Much cheaper than going to a conference!

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You'll discover the 21 ways each board member can help their nonprofit's fundraising - even if they don't like to ask for money!

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