Urine for change
Earlier this week, I walked into an office here at Inland Hospital and saw this.

After being a bit grossed out, I read that it was one way this office was collecting for our hospital’s United Way drive.

Being the geek I am, I decided to run a photo caption contest by posting this picture to TwitPic and Facebook.

I have some very funny friends. Here are their responses:

My Twitter Friends

  • @kimberlylauth: The AMA is investigating the cause of Donald Trumps unusual kidney stones.
  • @sandrasims: Pennies for Prostrates.
  • @melmatho: Gotta give, gotta give, gotta give right now…
  • @silverati2: Don’t piss away your pennies!
  • @iman207: “You’re in. Please give”

And My Facebook Friends

  • Margaret Battistelli: “That’s right, baby, I’m so rich I pee money.”
  • Nathalie Lutz: Urine for a change!
  • Jim Marks (crass sarcasm): Don’t piss away an opportunity to help others.
  • Tom McCowan: Holy crap. I didn’t really even realize how accurate I was when I tell my daughters to keep the money away from their mouths because they don’t know where it’s been.
  • Kate Armstrong Lee: We will get it out of you any way we have to … we have catheters and we aren’t afraid to use them.
  • Richard DeVeau: Every little drop helps.
  • Thomas R. W. Longstaff: Giving until it hurts.
  • Matthew Sargent: Don’t piddle away your money on silly junk – donate to a worthy cause today!
  • Caroline Cornish: Wow. I’m so naive, I didn’t even know what that was… I was going to suggest, “Let’s get a handle on our financial future!” 🙂
  • Larry Hehn:
    • Keep your money from going down the drain.
    • 32 ounces of prevention – must be worth 32 pounds of cure!
    • Fill it up or we’ll start passing around the bed pan.
  • Amy Toussaint-Lagasse: We were thinking about using the 24 hour urine jug!!! The big orange ones!!! 🙂
  • Daniel Catano: my parents told me not to piss away all of my money…
  • John Goodine: It’s a Pissybank!
  • David Hazeltine: Gives a whole new meaning to a “Drop in the Bucket” campaign!!
  • Lauren Sterling: “A Penny for your pee!”
  • Garrett Robinson: Don’t Piss your money away! Let us do it for you!
  • Mirjam Adolphi: Other has needs too
  • Chris Forbes: Urine-vited to help!

Fortunately, we did go over our fundraising goal! (Our cup runneth over?)

I have more than a decade in fundraising, but I’d never seen this!

Got creative captions of your own? Feel free to add you captions in the comments here, on TwitPic or on Facebook.

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