With the first blog post of 2010, I’m starting a series of posting questions I receive and my answers to them. Sort of a “Dear Abby” for fundraising. I’m calling it “Question Marc” — pun fully intended! 🙂

It’d be great to have you take part. If you have a question about nonprofits or fundraising that you’d like considered for Question Marc? Send it to marc@fundraisingcoach.com. I won’t be able to answer every question, but I just might be able to answer yours!

Q: I ran across your blog while researching a fundraising event I’m putting on for my search and rescue team. I’m trying to determine if it might be more profitable to hold our event (a movie showing) on a weekend or week night. Can you point me to any information which might help me?

A: Great question! The “correct” answer depends on the locale more than anything else.

In some communities, you could pull it off right after work. This is particularly true if you’re located in areas where people travel in to work. They’re already in the city, so they may be more likely to stay for an event (more likely than they would be to come in for a weekend.)

But if it’s a couple hours, you’ll probably need to supply a dinner for people. That could get expensive (unless you get the food donated).

A weekend afternoon might allow you to save money on food expense. Holding a movie from 2-4 would only require appetizers, not a full meal. Weekends can work better in communities where people live (rather than commute to).

Since you’re hosting a movie, you could ask a manager of a local theater. She would know when they see the biggest audiences.

It may help to check with Morrie Warshawki. He is the king of fundraising houseparties which usually use movies as a center piece. He may have ideas on his site: www.warshawski.com.

[Do you have a question about nonprofits or fundraising that you’d like considered for Question Marc? Send it to marc@fundraisingcoach.com.]

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