Q: Hi Marc! 🙂 You seem to know much about fundraising…any great ideas on a fundraiser for Cub Scouts…we need to raise $1500 for a new pinewood derby track…however the pack is in an area that the people don’t have tons of money…HELP! I need a jump start. TY Katherine

A: Well that seems perfect for corporate sponsorship! You could ask 5 businesses to contribute $500 each and give them recognition on the track (logo or something).

Or better, ask one for $1000, 2 for $750, and 3 for $500!

I’m sure you can use the extra money for something. 🙂

Any business fits since this will be seen by many over the years. But automotive parts stores and car dealerships may be a cool fit for this project.

If you do ask for more than the cost of the track, be sure to ask them to support your Cub Scouts with a gift, not the track. That way the money is the troops money, not solely dedicated to the track. But I’d recommend all the recognition go right on the track since that is very visible and something even nominal Cub Scout families remember.


PS Studies consistently show that poorer people are generally more generous then wealthier folks.

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