Many people will be taking this week to relax, at least mentally. Especially in countries that celebrate Christmas. But as I just reminded the members of 501 Mission Place, those of us in fundraising can’t afford to rest yet.

I mentioned in an earlier post on thanking donors, studies show that one fifth of all donations in the US happen in the last 48 hours of December. So we need to be on top of our game this week.

Last November, I was told I needed to raise $100,000 by year-end. By December 29, it looked like the project was going to fail. But on December 30th, we brought in almost $50,000–surpassing the goal. Each one of those gifts was solicited before Christmas.

This is so important, I’ve created a contest for members of 501 Mission Place encouraging them to make nine more solicitations this week.

But even if you’re not a member yet, use this week to get out there and ask the people you’ve been putting off asking!

I’m committing to ask 9 people this week. How about you?

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