Yesterday’s free goal setting mastermind was a lot of fun! The hour flew by without my mentioning one of the most important steps in successfully accomplish goals is crafting your environment.

I could give tips and pointers on how clients have shaped their environments. But something my 5 year old daughter and her friend did this week provides a terrific example!

These two five year old girls have known each other all their life. But they hadn’t seen each other for months until Wednesday. They were so excited to see each other and had a blast playing together.

And apparently they set a goal to not let months go by without seeing each other!

When it was time for my daughter’s friend to leave, the girls told us they’d exchanged stuffed animals. For a day.

Just one day!

They’d crafted their environment! Trading toys was normal. The one day limit was not!

And as I write this, the two girls are playing together at my daughter’s friends house. They’d reached their goal. A little over the one day limit, but they were playing together!

What ways do you craft your environment for success?

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