Last week, my friend Susan Murphy (@suzemuse) tweeted a blog post by V3 called “How not to be invisible on the new Facebook newsfeed.” The title was a bit misleading, but the post was very helpful.

Apparently, our friends at Facebook have automatically changed our permissions. Now the only people and organizations we see in our newsfeed are those we’ve recently interacted with.

So those updates you so enjoy seeing from your good friends from college? Invisible if you haven’t interacted with them on Facebook.

And those organizations you enjoy hearing from every once in a while, when they put something interesting in your newsfeed? You’ll have to remember to get to there page, or else you won’t see them. Ever.

Fortunately, you can change that. Go down to the bottom of the newsfeed, and find “Edit Options”:

The newsfeed keeps extending itself as you get to the bottom of the screen, so getting to the “edit options” link can be a bit tricky!

Then choose “All of your friends and pages” from the drop down menu:

Then you are set.

You haven’t made it so that you aren’t invisible on Facebook. But you have made it so you’ll see the updates from people and organizations you are interested in…whether or not you’ve interacted with them recently.

If you haven’t yet, I’d love to have you “like” Ask Without Fear! on Facebook at!

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