Those on my Fundraising Kick email list already know that April is Go For No! month here at!

Go For No! [amazon affiliate link] is a wonderfully short story about how one salesman found going for “yes” led to mediocrity but going for “no” led to success.

It’s helped me transform how I view getting a “no.” And it’s no secret that in fundraising we get a lot of “no’s”!

Since reading this book last year, every time I get a “no” now, while still feeling a bit down, I also feel like I’ve accomplished something. I’ve moved further down the road to getting a “yes.” And, more importantly, I am no less likely to stop at a “yes.” I keep going because I have more no’s to collect!

Free Go For No! Seminar

I’m thrilled that the author of Go For No!, Andrea Waltz is offering readers a free seminar on Wednesday, April 13 at 1 p.m.

You can join from your computer or from your phone. All the details are up on the “Go For No!” free seminar for fundraisers page. (That’s at

In this short 20-30 minute seminar, you’ll learn why “going for no” can transform the way you approach asking people for money.

And the seminar really is free. No strings attached. I’m not an affiliate or getting anything out of it other than offering my readers and email list subscribers an incredible seminar.

Win a Free Coaching Session

I’m so committed to helping people see a “no” as a positive event, that I’m even offering a free coaching contest for the month of April. The only rules are that:

  1. You be a “Kicker” (that’s what I call Fundraising Kick subscribers), and
  2. You get 100 no’s this month

I’ve even developed a simple Fundraising Coach “100 No’s” card to help you keep track. You can find it at:

As Fundraising Kick subscriber, you’ll be getting weekly reminders and tips on going for no. And I’ve already been asked if phonathons count for this contest. They sure do! I only ask that the “no” be in response to a solicitation for money.

Can you imagine how much money you might raise this month if you went for 100 no’s?

Whether you join the free coaching contest or not, I do hope you’ll join us for the free Go For No! for fundraisers webinar next Wednesday!

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