We had a fabulous call with Go For No! author Andrea Waltz.

You can here the entire 30-minute call at the Go For No for Fundraising Success webinar page.

I loved how Andrea talked about our living in a “go for yes” world but transitioning to a “go for no” world. So much of what she said is helpful in reframing how we handle “no’s” in our fundraising.

I am convinced that “going for no” can help you raise more money. The best part is, going for no even takes the sting out of the no’s you do get!

During the call, I asked Andrea if she had tools to help that transition. Andrea talked about all the tools that make up what they call the Go For No! Breakthrough Pak. I was surprised by the generous discount she offered to us! If you get the Pak, use the coupon: MP1 – this brings the $167 package down to $97.

Finally, remember that April is “Go For No!” month here at FundraisingCoach.com. Fundraising Kick members that get 100 no’s this month win a free coaching session with me. You can use this handy (and free) 100 no’s card to help you keep score.

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