I've been learning a bit about social media and marketing from my 11 y.o. son.

He just posted this animation this morning, but it all ready has over 1,800 2000 views! [It's gotten another 200+ since I started writing this blog post!]

He creates these animations from his Nintendo DSi. This Flipnote community is interesting. People rate them. Better animators give him tips. He experiments with new animation styles and gets more feedback.

Like any social network, it's got it's own norms and customs. He's both learning them and contributing to the community, giving favorites and feedback. And he's doing well.

It excites me that he's learning life skills. Skills that will serve him well after college. Skills that will even serve him after 6th grade! 🙂

And it makes me proud to see the great art he's making.

I wasn't doing stuff like this at his age! The times, they are a changin' -- and I'm thrilled to see it.

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