One of the complaints I have received about Ask Without Fear! is that it doesn’t include anything about social media. That was intentional. I wrote Ask Without Fear! for board members and volunteers. I wanted the book and subsequent DVD to be empowering and convincing, not confusing.

Meant to do 52 “secrets” but kept couldn’t stop!

But my second book is written for paid staff. I’ve been pulling these tips and fundraising ideas together over the last few years. I originally wanted to do 52 tips and ideas for making this year your best. I figured 1 new thing a week was about all a busy nonprofit fundraiser or executive director could handle.

But I couldn’t stop at 52! So I’ve written 104. The tips are arranged into the following sections:

  • Research
  • Engage
  • Ask
  • Love
  • Internet & social media
  • Attitude

I flesh out more of the Get R.E.A.L.! steps as well as tell goodies like how to have a professional website for around $1000 and how to keep your attitude fresh.

I’m really excited about this book! I haven’t found a publisher yet, but I’m not letting that stop me!

Would you help me name the book?

The title Ask Without Fear! came from you all, not me. You were much better at naming my book than I was! So I’m asking again with this one! You can use the quiz here or just use the comments below!

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