501 Mission Place relaunch
I’m thrilled to announce the relaunch of 501 Mission Place!

A year in the making

We started 501 Mission Place because we were tired of seeing our nonprofit friends and colleagues get burned out. Running a cause can consume your life and be thankless at the same time. Nonprofits draw the best people but often treat them the worst. Starting 501 Mission Place was our way of drawing a line in the sand and saying, “NO MORE!”

We’ve learned alot since we started 501 Mission Place a year ago. The biggest thing we’ve learned, is there’s no other place like it on the web for nonprofits.


I love that 501 Mission Place members already represent nonprofit leaders from around the world. It is:

  • helping small nonprofits with immediate advice on making radio ads more effective
  • helping founders navigate the filing issues of setting up properly
  • giving practical advice on nonprofit fundraising, even a 12 month calendar of suggested fundraising activities
  • offering thoughts from a CPA on nonprofit issues
  • suggesting HR practices that help nonprofits run more smoothly.

We’ve even helped at least one member realize that creating a brand new nonprofit might not be the right approach to address her cause!

We’ve been at this for a year, and now we know what we really do well. So it’s a perfect time to relaunch!

Already a great value

What I’m particularly proud of is the great value of membership in 501 Mission Place. For $27 a month, you get:

  • unlimited access to the discussions in the forums
  • a free monthly webinar from nationally recognized speakers
  • a free members-only “office hours” chat with the 501 Mission Place hosts (Rob Hatch, John Haydon, and me)

One member told us he was thrilled to realize he’d saved hundreds of dollars by coming to the office hours and asking his questions rather than paying for our consulting time outside of 501MP! 🙂

We don’t have to go it alone

Being a nonprofit leader can be very lonely. Often we executive directors have questions but don’t really want to ask our board for fear they’d say, “Didn’t we hire you to figure that out?” Or ask our staff for fear they’d say, “Aren’t you supposed to know?

At times we just don’t know where to turn. And some of our nonprofits are so small it feels there really isn’t anyone to turn to.

501 Mission Place is here for you. 24 hours a day, you can post questions and get answers. And you can help people in areas where you’re already experienced.

Special offer: one month free

To celebrate the relaunch, we’re offering new members a free month! To get the details, go to the special 501 Mission Place Relaunch Page!

You’re not alone. We’d love to have you join us!

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