Day 2 of BlogWorld Expo was completely different from Day 1. I had some Fundraising Coach work to attend to. And I just kept getting into great conversations with cool people.

But here are 10 things I got today. Read them and think about how they apply to your nonprofit. (Some do.)

  1. Conversations in the hall are as instructive as sessions. (Sometimes more so.)
  2. Being a speaker allows you to get into a nice “speaker’s room” and to get a free t-shirt
  3. But walking around gives you the opportunity to meet cool people (some you already know just not face-to-face like @chelpixie)
  4. and get interviewed by people like @lynetteradio and–I love people that want to help build my speaking business 🙂
  5. Blogworld Expo is different. People here are really social. Not speak-into-your-phone-screen-because-you-lack-social-skills social. People really have great personalities and talk about it.
  6. Digital media is amazing. There’s a booth here that let’s you use a camera and a green screen to make a set as cool as any ESPN or newscast.
  7. Jim Farley, Ford CMO: Getting the CEO on camera is the worst thing we could do. People don’t trust companies. People trust each other. So we need to let people tell their own story.
  8. Jim Farley, Ford CMO: My responsibility as a marketer is create shareable content and then shut up and listen.
  9. Jim Farley, Ford CMO: The people that like you and your organization can come up with much better promotional things than
  10. Jim Farley, Ford CMO: You guys [bloggers, podcasters, social media people] have changed our industry forever. Thank you for doing that.

For nonprofit leaders, I am excited about the constant reminder of list items 7-10, the reminder to make others the star. We get all wrapped up in our organization and begin to think we’re the star of the story. But really the stars are the people we help. And the people that help fund us.

I think the nonprofits that take this to heart will find recessions really aren’t a problem.

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