Marc Pitman's profile picture tricked out for the #enditmovementThanks to our digital age, people can now spread the message of their favorite cause further than ever before.

But is your nonprofit helping them?

The End It Movement Does It Right!

Today, I saw a post about the End It Movement. I was thoroughly impressed. They’ve created a site that makes it easy for people trying to end slavery to help get the word out!

3 things I love about the End It Movement’s site

Here are three things that impressed me about End It’s site.

  1. They provide immediate social proof

    The first thing you see when you go to the site is a collage of images using the iconic red “X” that marks the movement. This sort of social proof answers the question “Is anyone else doing this?” making it easier for anyone to take action.

    CLICK HERE TO ENLARGE THIS IMAGE. Social media excellence #1- #enditmovement offers social proof

    The first thing you see on the End It Movement site is social proof: images of other people standing up with the iconic red “x.” CLICK HERE TO ENLARGE THIS IMAGE.

  2. They make it incredibly easy to give my email address

    One of the most important things to do is collect email addresses from visitors to your site. End It makes it very easy. And compelling.

    • The form fills up the entire width of the page.
    • The form has a solid gray background, making it stand out from the rest of the page.
    • The have a bold headline everyone interested in anti-slavery work can agree with: “Slavery is wrong.”
    • They ask for only the email address. The less information you ask for, the less friction there is in a person giving their contact information.
    CLICK HERE TO ENLARGE THIS IMAGE. Social media excellence #2- #enditmovement makes it very easy to collect email addresses

    End It makes it very easy to give my email address by making the form standout graphically, in the words on the form, and by only asking for my email address. CLICK HERE TO ENLARGE THIS IMAGE.

  3. They make it easy to share

    I loved the “What can you do to help end it?” section! The three options make sense:

    • The “give” option shows names of nonprofits I respect and trust. Even if I don’t make a donation to End It right now, I definitely trust them more. That trust makes it easier to do the other two options.
    • The “take action” option gives an entire digital tool kit! With one click, I was able to download all the digital images that they’re using and resources I need to back up my stance including posters, facts, and stories.
    • The “share” option quickly links to 7 of the most popular social media sharing tools, including email! They even boldly show their hashtag #enditmovement. Brilliant.

    CLICK HERE TO ENLARGE THIS IMAGE. Social media excellence #3- #enditmovement gives excellent sharing options

    End It makes it easy to give, design images, educate people, and share to all my social networks. CLICK HERE TO ENLARGE THIS IMAGE.

Check out the site

Do yourself a favor and check out the End It Movement website. And figure out what you can do to make your message more spreadable!

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