I’ve been seeing lots of “gifts for travelers” lists. Unfortunately, most of them are full of expensive items that are of questionable value. Do we really need $85 galoshes? Or a $70 light bulb?

Here are some real gifts you can get your favorite traveling fundraiser! I know, I use them on every trip. For convenience, I’m linking as many as I can to Amazon. But you can find many of these in many different stores.

Gifts a traveling fundraiser will actually use

  1. Wet Ones

    wetonesAirplanes, trains, and buses are truly gross places. Do you realize how infrequently those trays and armrests are cleaned?!

    Your loved traveler will no longer need to fret when you give them cleaning towelettes like these!

    A couple weeks ago, I’d just pulled out my wipes and looked over at the guy on the aisle. He was pulling out a wipe too! And in my travels, flight attendants seeing me use these consistently say this is a great practice.

    A pack of 12 cost around $11.64 on Amazon.

  2. doTERRA Beadlets

    doTERRAbeadletsBOTHStaying healthy on the road is great for your fundraising, your donors, and the people you come home to!

    One of the best ways I’ve found to keep my immune system strong is using essential oils by doTERRA. I know, I know, essential oils sound so crunchy granola. But these things work. And they’re not manufactured chemicals like pharmaceuticals.

    I love these OnGuard and Peppermint beadlets. Beadlets are easy to neatly carry. The OnGuard is supposed to enhance your immune system but can also be used as a hand rub. I’ve used the peppermint for everything from overcoming headaches to waking up to settling my stomach. Oh…it is also great at freshening your breath after a red-eye!

    Both bottles have 125 beadlets. Peppermint is a little over $15; OnGuard is $20. Alas, the only way I know to get these is through my wife’s store at: mydoterra.com/hopecaptive. (I’m not an expert but not all essential oils are created equal. Read more about why the CPTG rating is important here.)

  3. 3M Ear Plugs

    3Mearplugs29dBLook at typical “gifts for travelers” lists and you’ll see gadgets like Bose Noise Canceling headphones. Nice if you have $300 to spend.

    But until then, you can save about $290 by going for simple ear plugs, like these ones from 3M. They don’t cut out all noise, but they definitely help you not have to listen to the ruckus coming from your neighbor’s headphones…or snores!

    Plus, these don’t require any batteries. Remember, a rested fundraiser is a happy fundraiser!

    A package of 20 individually wrapped pairs sells for about $10.

  4. Kleen Metal Waterbottle

    kleenkanteen27ozOne of the best tricks to successful travel is staying hydrated. And while you can’t bring bottles of water through security, you can bring empty bottles. Once you’re on the other side of TSA, you can fill them up at a water fountain.

    I recently had four 7-hour flights and this water bottle was a God-send. Flight attendants were quite willing to fill it up for me. I drank 5 bottles full on each flight. The added benefit? All that water forces you to get up and walk!

    Plus, when you get to your solicitation, your voice won’t sound hoarse. In a recent interview for the National Speakers Association, voice coach Ginny Lamoureux said keeping vocal cords hydrated keeps your voice sounding natural.
    I prefer the 27 ounce kind that goes for $22.95 on Amazon.

  5. compressionsocksCompression Socks

    Speaking of walking around on an airplane, reports consistently cite the importance of wearing compression socks. I think they’re supposed to help keep your blood circulating, even at 35,000 feet. Apparently they keep blood from pooling around your ankles, and even from forming very dangerous blood clots. (I’m not a medical expert. You can read more about this here.)

    Who knows, these socks might even help you get a foot in the door!

    As a bow-tie guy, these generic black and navy blue socks are fine. But I’ve just been told others are coming up with more “pretty” compression socks. One such company is Sockwell: http://www.sockwell.us.com/products.html.

    The generic black or navy blue are available for about $10 a pair.

These may not be as sexy as $85 galoshes and or $300 headphones, but take it from me, these are gifts your loved traveler will use on every trip!

Update: In case any of my family reads this…I have nothing against the galoshes or headphones. Or even this this carry-on that charges your phone. But I can do without the $70 light bulb.
NB: I use affiliate links but Amazon closed its program for people from my state. So the links will just bring you to the product pages, not get me a cup of coffee.

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