Vintage image of YWCA Board for's Fundraising Training for Board MembersAs we wrap up the year, it’s amazing to see what a year it’s been. Many of you are reporting increased donor retention, better storytelling results, and increased fundraising (some of you dramatic increases!).

As I’ve been reflecting this year, I’ve been remembering that I initially wrote Ask Without Fear!® for nonprofit board members. I’d moved backed to Maine and was amazed at the passion and creativity of the people here. So many wonderful nonprofits were 100% volunteer driven. I could see that with just a little organization, fundraising training, and encouragement, they could do so much more.

I’m honored that Ask Without Fear! has proven to be an easy way for boards to get engaged. And we’ve seen some great growth in fundraising when board members become engaged. Even in the worst recession since the Great Depression. (Check out the Milton Hospital story in the case studies section.)

What do you want to see written about nonprofit boards?

But as I was reminded this month with Simone Joyaux’s webinar on Firing Lousy Board Members, there’s still so much more work to be done. Nonprofits are often desperately seeking ways to get their boards on the same page. And some board members receive no training from their nonprofit so they personally hire me to coach them in fundraising!

We can do better. Our nonprofits and boards deserve to be treated better. So I’d love to know: what do you want to learn about nonprofit boards. Or to ask it another way: If I could only write on one thing about boards next year, what would you want it to be?

Please tell me here in the comments, by tweeting, or by email me at

Together, we’ll make 2015 an amazing year that is great for our nonprofits and our board members!

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