I love National Bow Tie Day! I knew I'd worn bowties since kindergarten but a while back, my mother found a picture of me wearing a bow tie when I was 3 years old! It seems that my father went through a brief bow tie phase back in the 1970's. I must've caught it from him - but never recovered!

To celebrate, I'm sharing pictures of people who've "tried on" a bow tie with my bow tie business card. You can see the over 150 pictures:

How would you look in a bow tie?

Here is a sneak peak at the over 150 images in those albums...including me at 3 years old!

Who do you recognize?

Get your own bow tie business card

As is my National Bow Tie Day tradition, sign up here to get a free bow tie card of your own! You could even send me a picture of you "wearing" it! Just email that to marc@fundraisingcoach.com.

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