3 webinars to kick your 2017 fundraising into high gear!
These three trainings will get your 2017 fundraising and goal setting off to a great start!

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People & How to Beat Them (free)

    Join neuropsychologist Dr. Theo Tsaousides as he teaches us about the 7 blocks the brain puts in the way of accomplishing our goals. He’s an expert on how the brain works and how we can help our brains help us complete our goals.

    Learn more and register for this free webinar at:
    (Qualifies for 1.25 CFRE credits.)

  • Next Level Fundraising for Your Nonprofit (free to NPA member/$19 to join)

    Don’t lurch from news headline to news headline this year. Join Mazarine Treyz as she walks us through the latest trends in fundraising. She’s done the research and will make it accessible for us. She’ll introduce us to a whole new way of thinking of our fundraising goals. And she’ll show actually case studies of people who’ve done it!

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    This training is free for all Nonprofit Academy members. Membership costs just $19 per month. Once you register, you not only get access to this training but you also get instant access to over 80 trainings, tools, and templates already on the site.
    (Qualifies for 1.25 CFRE credits.)

  • How to Avoid Fundraising’s Quiet Killer: Donor Attrition (free)

    You did a lot of work to gain each new donor for your work. But if you’re like the average nonprofit, six out of ten will never give again. This quiet fundraising killer is called “donor attrition.” The answer? Donor retention. In this training, Firespring CEO Jay Wilkinson will show you specific strategies to building relationships with donors that will help them happily donate year after year.

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Don’t miss out! These three trainings hold the concepts for helping you raise more money in 2017 and raise it more enjoyably…for you and for donors!

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