We’ve never met anyone who got into ministry to raise money.

Most people sense God’s call and start doing service in some area. People are excited for them and encourage them. In the initial rush of excitement, if money even comes up, they try to brush off the thought by saying, “God will provide.”

And God does provide. But not always the way we expect.

Many people in ministry seem to think God’s provision is like winning the lottery. It will just suddenly appear. And God certainly can do that.

But it’s more often like Elijah’s experience in 1 Kings 17. God says He’s directed a widow to provide for Elijah. But when Elijah gets there, it appears the widow hasn’t received the memo.

Elijah needs to ask. Worse, Elijah needs to ask at a time that likely seems the worst possible time ever.

When people get into ministry, part of that ministry is raising the necessary funding. And throughout history, dedicated followers of God have asked for support. Even those who built tents like Paul raised money.

I know. I’ve spent the last 20 years raising money for Christian causes including pastoring a church. So I’ve written a book to help take the mystery out of funding your ministry. In Ask Without Fear for Christian Ministry, I lay out an easy-to-understand strategy for fundraising. And shows you how to do it without losing your soul.

In fact, I’m so enthusiastic about fundraising, you’ll likely find yourself coming to enjoy fundraising as part of your ministry!

You can get the book on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/Ask-Without-Fear-Christian-Ministry/dp/1938079086/ or here at https://fundraisingcoach.com/ask-without-fear-for-christian-ministry/. Check out the nice comments on the Amazon page!

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