Steven Screen is at it again. Steven is an amazing direct mail and fundraising expert.

And he has a way of making me feel uncomfortable. He says the best story for raising money is the “incomplete story.”

You see, when I write fundraising letters, my first reaction is to tell the prospect what a good job my nonprofit is doing. We really have things under control. Giving to us is a good thing. I don’t want to make prospects feel uncomfortable. Or to put them on the spot.

Unfortunately, what most prospects hear is “We’ve got this” so they find something else to give too.

Don’t believe me? How effective was your last fundraising appeal?

The #1 Story for Raising the Most Money

According to Steven, the #1 story that raises the most money is the incomplete story.

Incomplete stories tell people on the periphery of your nonprofit that there is a need. A need that requires donors. And incomplete stories give them as donors a powerful role to play.

Fortunately, Steven went into the studio with Nonprofit Storytelling Conference’s Chris Davenport. The recording is only about 11 minutes long. But these could be the most important 11 minutes you watch this week.

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