Capital campaigns are a mainstay in nonprofit fundraising. There’s something special about a time-limited, specific goal like a capital campaign. It gets us motivated to give generously and accomplishes results we can see and touch.

But things are changing. For starters, in our smartphone saturated world we have many more options to connect with donors. In addition to calling and mailing, donors can be tweeted, LinkedIn, SnapChat’d, WhatsApp’d, Facebooked, and any other number of social media communications.

And in an age of Google, fundraising tactics and information is more available now than ever. Consultants can still be helpful, but nonprofits are no longer 100% reliant on them for information. Nonprofit leaders can now search for training, tips, and even connect with others as they try to conduct capital campaigns.

Unfortunately, most capital campaign training is still stuck in the 20th century.

So what’s working today? We’re bringing fundraising expert Amy Eisenstein and capital campaign maven Andrea Kihlstedt in to tell us just that!

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Learn how to build real partnerships, effectively harness volunteers, and whether or not to work with a consultant.

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