Wondering why you should come to this year’s Nonprofit Storytelling Conference?

I could share why I think you should. It’s an event like none I’ve ever been able to be part of.

But as a co-producer of the conference, you’d expect me to say that. So here are some comments posted just this week from Conference alum!

“Our fundraising results have doubled…”

Click to expand Diane's comment
This week, Diane Wheatley said that the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference has helped them double their fundraising results. See her words here:

“Our fundraising results have doubled because of the info and advice we heard at this conference – it’s a game changer (I don’t like that word, but it fits!)

“If you’re on the fence – jump! Jump now while it’s a bargain. I’m so glad that we jumped!”

“This is a ‘DO NOT MISS’ Event!

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Anne O’Dell surprised us this week by posting about why she keeps coming back to the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference experience. Read why here:

“How to tell as story seems so simple right?? That is what I thought.

“After attending this conference the first year, our appeal letter, and our annual fundraiser looked very different in terms of presentation of the stories we were telling, and furthermore the results! Year after year, I go back, and learn more and more – and each year the appeal letter, and the annual fundraiser – are bigger and better, and our stories show deeper impact!

“This is ‘DO NOT MISS’ EVENT!”

“Our fundraising numbers continue to rise”

Click here to see Sherry Manschot's full image from Facebook
Sherry Manschot comes every year and is very involved with the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference. This week, she posted this comment on Facebook:

“I learn something new every time I attend. Our fundraising numbers continue to rise.

“I am especially excited about this year’s speakers. I encourage you to attend…you will not regret it!”

Coming back and bringing 7 staff this year

Even after 27 years of nonprofit work, Angie Miller found the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference so helpful, she’s bringing 7 people from her organization with her this year. We find organizations often do this. One person from a nonprofit comes. They come back the next year but bring more people – including board and non-fundraising people. Even from as far away as Norway!

Read Angie’s comment here:

“In all my years of nonprofit work (27 to be exact) this is the BEST conference I have ever been to for honing my fundraising skills and challenging me to stay relevant and forward thinking. This year I’m so excited that 7 people from my organization, not just in the development department, will be attending. To me that speaks volumes about the outcomes that the entire organization is seeing from the great takeaways from this conference. If you haven’t already signed up, please do, you won’t be disappointed.”

Come join us!

These were just some of the comments that were posted on Facebook this week. You can see many more people talking about their experience on the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference’s page at https://nonprofitstorytellingconference.com/.

Go there now. Listen to the comments. And register to join us in the fall!

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